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ByLog cabins were the primary source of residents of the early American settlers. These cabins were mostly functional in purpose and served as a means of shelter. They were not constructed using any advanced technology and there were numerous crevices and cracks through which the cold air seeped inside the home.

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The puzzle of how restaurants can possibly turn a profit selling one dollar cheeseburgers and “all you can eat” shrimp platters led me to the question of how food is grown, processed, and sold in America and around the world. While small family farms are no longer adequate to supply the burgeoning global population, overreliance on factory farmed and factory processed foods has made food scarce in many parts of the developing world while forcing down the price of food in the United States to unsustainable levels. As agricultural economist Peter Timmer told me, “I’m quite concerned about what the large food companies are doing to the quality and safety of our diet.”.

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The concessions price increase comes after large ticket cost hikes. Overall, the cost for two face value nosebleed seats, a couple of beers and a pair of hot dogs at Levi’s will cost $243, up from $88.50 at Candlestick. That’s on top of a new seat license program in Santa Clara that runs $2,000 to $80,000 per fan for the right to get face value tickets.