China’s exports fell 10

CHINA WORRIES: China’s exports fell 10 per cent in September compared to a year ago. That was a much bigger drop than in August and also a larger decline than analysts expected. China has been critical to global economic growth for a quarter century.

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“While cuisine and hotels always merit mention in the reader polls, the warm hospitality extended by Charleston locals is a deciding factor in the destination’s enduring charms and widespread appeal,” Cheapflight concluded.A nightmarish scene played out last week on a Carnival cruise ship that soon will call Charleston its home port.On Dec. 27, a crew member on board the Carnival Ecstasy, was killed while working on an elevator as the Ecstasy sailed from the Bahamas to Miami. The accident reportedly caused blood to stream down the elevator’s doors.Matt Davis, a passenger who caught the accident’s aftermath on his cellphone camera, told the New York Daily News that he saw a person run out of the elevator as one of the crew members tried to persuade passengers to go inside a nearby restaurant.Later, Davis said he discovered the worker had died and Carnival offered to pay for counseling sessions.The accident did not affect the Ecstasy’s schedule, with the ship taking off the next day on a cruise to the Caribbean.The Ecstasy is scheduled to arrive at the Port of Charleston in February to replace the Carnival Fantasy as the port’s home based cruise ship.The Ecstasy’s first sailing out of Charleston is Feb.