Even an exotic dancer

Even an exotic dancer, who already goes by a fake name, insisted a different fake name be used in this article when quoting her about whether Canadians tip well at her club, located near the runway of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.”When I know someone is from Canada, you know you usually aren’t getting anything more,” said “Ginger.”Clearly, getting servers (of all kinds) to speak openly and on the record about the Canadian tipping question wasn’t going to happen. So to seek the unfiltered truth, three people one of whom is a waitress herself went on a mission: Hit several downtown and mall area bars and restaurants, ask every server about Canadian tippers.Try, they were urged, to find someone who says the majority of Canadians tip just fine. Try to find someone who wouldn’t understand the Canadians and canoe joke.At a Galleria area restaurant, a bartender looked around warily and said, “You never know who’s listening.” At a downtown restaurant near First Niagara Center, a waitress sat at the table and unleashed a passionate diatribe about Canadian customers who will leave a straight up five buck tip despite the size of the bill.Back at the Galleria, another waitress explained at length how tips are vital to her income: After taxes are deducted from her $5 an hour base pay, and after she tips out a percentage of her sales to the bartenders, hostesses, bussers and kitchen, she’s making pocket change..

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Adorable shotgun style bungalow in Patch neighborhood. Located on a quiet dead end street. Why pay rent when you could own this house within walking distance to Perennial Artisan Ales, the St. In the late 1960’s, the Interstate Highway system began to take business away from the Drake Motel and thousands of other “old highway” establishments. The lodging industry also is one where the newer establishments draw many customers away from the old. As I 24 was completed through Chattanooga, new hotels and motels were built at several interchanges.

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