If you will look closely

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Stuck in a fiscal cliff stalemate, trust nearing tatters, President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans changed the game after Christmas. It took the rekindling of an old friendship between Vice President Joe Biden and GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell, an extraordinary flurry of secret offers, a pre dawn Senate vote on New Year s Day and the legislative muscling that defines Washington on deadline..

The drunken banana French toast is a perfect example of too much is never enough. Toasty cinnamon swirled, custard soaked bread is stuffed with bananas, spiked with rum soaked raisins and drizzled with burned, buttery, sweet caramel sauce. Even a simple eggs and bacon affair is perfectly cooked and wholly comforting.

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It would be odd if ultra filtered milk should one day prove to have been supply management’s undoing. The “non fat milk solid” isn’t even considered milk for purposes of trade law, but an “ingredient” for use in processed foods like pizza cheese.And whereas the point of supply management is to keep prices higher than would otherwise be the case, the express aim of Canadian policy with respect to ultra filtered milk is to drive prices lower.Not being milk, after all, it was not subject to the usual astronomic tariffs with which the domestic milk cartel is protected from having its complex system of provincial supply quotas undercut by lower priced foreign imports. That raised the ghastly prospect of Canadian milk producers, to whatever microscopic degree, having to compete for a living, and we can’t have that.